About the Welsh Land Settlements?

The Welsh Land Settlement Society was set up to create work and homes for the long term unemployed of the 1930’s depression. In Wales the most successful approach was the co-operative example that operated in Sealand and 4 other sites, which were mainly in South Wales.

WLS Sealand was built in 1937, 80 houses and 850 acres of farmland. through this site I am attempting to gather stories of descendants of the original settlers. Do you have a story about your parents and/or grandparents who migrated from the South Wales valleys in the late 1930’s to take up a house and job at Sealand? Do you have any photos I could use? If you have a connection with one of the other sites your stories and photos are also very welcome.


19 thoughts on “About the Welsh Land Settlements?

  1. my family “jones” have lived and worked on the wls since development..I am the last of the joneses off the manor you have a photo of my nana”mary olwen jones” husband was edgar jones i have numerous photos of the manor which may be of intrest…

  2. Hi Neil, are you the son of Gary or Brian? I live by your uncle Peter, so if you would like to drop your photos off with him or scan and post to Rowland in an email if that is more convenient for you. Thanks for contacting us. Brenda Hughes (Jones)

  3. ooh love the new updated stuff i live at 4 north green and have since i moved in at 16 on my own with my son,love seeing the old pictures and would love to know what my house was called

    • Hi Samantha – Thanks. Glad you like the blog. I would love to know what your house was called as well. Out of 80 houses on the settlement we know about 4 of them. There must be somebody out there who knows more????

    • The family that came up from. S.W. was Mr.Mrs Jones who lived at no 16 and my nan Mrs Kennedy lived next door no17.Mrs Ames lived at 15.

    • Hi Samantha, The latest google search engines are not as good as the old original one. I used my google to download an older version and that cleared the problem of finding WLS.
      Hope this is of use to you.
      Best Wishes,
      Stuart (Trebeferad WLS)

    • Hi Samantha, Try This address;( https//www.google.co.uk/search?sourceid=navclie ) I have just tested this site and Google search bar, all came up as it should with access to all WLS site. Appologies for taking so long to get back to you but, busy on another project regarding childrens “Christmas Party” at Rookwood Hospital, LLandaff, Cardiff. The party is for the children of patients in the Re-Hab wards, and the ward staff. This is what happens o me when I go for Respite care at this time of year. Look out Santa here I come also bearing gifts.
      All the Best.
      PS. Once you get the WLS site save it to your favourites. That way you only need to click of the name in your favourites.

      • Aww hope your well Stuart bet you make a fab santa lol,i,ve saved WLSS as a fav i meant that when i google for info on wlss that not a lot comes up 😦 think i need to go to the vaults where the sites i do come across advise to go!! Thanks for replying though have a lovely Christmas 🙂 Sam

  4. my dad came up from s wales when he was 5 and still lives here and he is in his 80ts hes got lots of photos of the w. l. s from when he was a lad i am his son and lived here all my life, o and by the way are name is jones as well,and his father worked on the land as a tractor driver

  5. love this blog i was born on the marsh cottages sealand but went to school in garden city cp school a lot of my friends were of the w.l.s.s greate days that estate was one of the best kept housing in sealand if you want more info regarding sealand go to the sealand web /site

  6. I remember you, I have a brother called Norman Jones, Yes we were and still are very nice people who all used to go to the Garden City School (100 yrs old this year) anybody got any pics to share.??? tks for contributing to the W.L,S blog bet you remember thre Davey’s

  7. yes brenda it was norman jones marsh and norman jones w.l.s great times your mum and dad were good friends of my mum and dad ada and bill jones i have given this site to mary southall to look at yes i do remember the daveys and the baileys good days

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