Hawarden War Memorial Mystery – solved?

At this time of the year, as we remember those who gave their lives in service to their country, it is fitting to bring this to your attention.

A local lady has been painstakingly trying to unravel the mystery of a name on the Hawarden War Memorial that we have referred to before on the WLS site. Her name is Mavis Williams and she is to be congratulated for her efforts. I believe she has proved beyond doubt that David E Jones, remembered on the War Memorial, should commemorate his son, David Henry Bray Jones, both formerly of No. 1 North Green, WLS, Sealand.

A link to Mavis’ page is –

Jones, David E. (Jones, David Henry Bray)

Hopefully, this innocent mistake can be rectified in the near future in order to get the right person on the monument. We should add that this takes nothing away from the valuable service to his country that was given by David E Jones during WW1 as Mavis states in her work.

1939 Register Sealand

Whilst doing some family history recently I was able to access the 1939 Register which was taken at the outbreak of WW2 in September 1939 as an emergency census. Not all people are shown on it as many names are redacted although it gives a good insight into the people who were most of the original settlers and their families. So far I have transcribed West Green and it is set out below. If any of their relatives have some stories to tell and or pictures they would be more than welcome. UDD stands for Unpaid Domestic Duties.

Manor Farm and House John Brown Foreman Market Gardener Heavy Work
Phoebe Brown UDD
1 West Green David Preece Market Gardener Tractor Driver
Florence M Preece UDD
Frederick D G Preece GPO Sorting Clerk and Postal Telegraph
Edwin VR Preece Horticultural Worker
3 West Green Alfred L Baker Market Gardener
Rose D Baker UDD
4 West Green William Morris Land Worker
Elizabeth A Morris UDD
5 West Green James V Baker Agricultural Storeman
Charlotte E Baker UDD
Robert C Baker Agricultural Motor Lorry Driver
6 West Green Joseph Jones Tractor Driver
Alice M Jones UDD
Terrance Jones Market Gardener
Elaine Jones School
Clive Jones School
7 West Green Edward H Harris Agricultural Worker
Catherine Harris Market Gardener
Patricia M Harris Market Gardener
8 West Green Charles H Richardson Horseman Farm
Caroline Richardson UDD
Margery Richardson School
9 West Green Ernest HF Short Agricultural Worker
Harriet Short UDD
10 West Green William G Gough Land Worker
Pearl Gough UDD
11 West Green John G Brown Foreman Land Worker
Gladys Brown UDD
Eric Brown School
Kenneth Brown Under school age
12 West Green James Carter Tractor Driver (Ransoms)
Florence K Carter UDD
Ronald Carter Switch Box Maker
13 West Green Alfred Baker Landworker Heavy Work
Elizabeth M Baker UDD
Samuel Gooder Landworker
Gomer G Wilcot General Labourer Heavy Work
14 West Green Harry White Horseman Farm
Prudence White UDD
Alice White Farmworker Potato Picker
Harry White General Farm Labourer
15 West Green Edmund Coan Market Gardener
Esther A R Coan UDD
Ann E Coan OAP
16 West Green Frank Way Land Worker
Irene Way Potato Packer
Freda M Way School
17 West Green Henry Harvey Coppersmith sheet metal worker and welder
Auriol Harvey UDD
18 West Green Charles Freeman Market Gardener Heavy Work
Rose Freeman Land Worker
Glyndwr Freeman Land Worker Heavy Work
Stuart Freeman School
19 West Green David J James Tractor Driver Land Worker
Florence M James UDD
Myra James School
20 West Green Harold G Gillard Market Gardener
Amelia Gillard UDD
Ernest L Gillard Market Gardener
Harvey Johnson Electrical Linesmans Mate and Electricians Mate

World War 2 Research by Peter Kelsall

Can anyone help Peter with his research, he wrote:

“I am researching soldiers from Buckley or with a connection to Buckley who died in WW2, and came across David Henry Bray Jones. According to a newspaper obit he was the son of Mr & Mrs Jones of 1, North Green. I believe his wife was Esther Garner and she lived in Belmont Crescent Buckley. I think he was born in Llandilofawr. I see from the 1939 Register and your records that the Bray family was at 1, North Green in 1939. Does anyone have anything to add to this story?”

Sealand Ladies Trip?

I found this old photo that some of you may be able to identify some of the ladies in the group. Of those standing 6th from the left in her scarf is my Nan, Kitty Jones, and 7th from left is Auntie Elfie Jones (nee Kennedy). Is that Louisa Jacobs 8th from left standing and Cassie Lewis 10th left standing? Are they the Tiller Girls (London Palladium) seated?

Come on, let’s identify all 18 of them. Where and when was is taken?

Original Settlers – East and West Greens

Some time ago, when I published the list of original settlers at Sealand I only did North and South Greens. With apologies to those who have family interest in the other Greens I am now setting out the list of those who came and lived in East and West. Apologies if it’s not quite correct, for example my Auntie Elfie moved to Sealand from Aberdare and lived with her parents in North Green but she is shown here a little later on living in East Green with her husband my uncle Jack. REMEMBER DOUBLE CLICK ON THE FILE AND YOU WILL GET THE FULL SIZE ON SCREEN.

Boverton and Sealand managers?

Bill Martin down at LSA Sidlesham sent me the following email where there is potentially a Boverton and Sealand connection. Does anyone have any knowledge of the gentlemen referred to ?

On Saturday I had the pleasure of showing relatives of John Cox around the Sidlesham LSA and showing them the house where he lived as manager in the early 1960s.

There is also a Welsh connection . . . . . . .

‘In 1945 John Cox, my father, left the army as a Lt. Colonel. He had always wanted to go into farming, but with a wife and child to support, he could not afford to go to college so learned his trade by working at a variety of farms, mainly in Sussex and Kent.
In 1948 he joined the Welsh Land Settlement at Boverton, near Llantwit Major. The WLSS differed from the LSA in that the farms were big estates rather than smallholdings, but the ethos and clients they helped were much the same.
Towards the end of 1948 he started work for the WLSS at Bank Farm on the Sealand Road near Chester as an Assistant Manager, but was made up to Manager on the death of the then manager a year later. We stayed there for a very happy six years and my brother and i were appalled when my father was appointed to Head Office in Cardiff and we had to swap our rural idyll for life in suburbia.
He stayed at Head Office until 1959 when the WLSS was wound up by the government after which he joined the LSA – Snaith, Sidlesham, Crofton and then Fen Drayton.’

WLS Sealand girls

This picture came to light when I was “routing” (one of Nan’s old words, familiar to most) through some of my Mum’s old stuff.

Back row is Mair Lewis 21 North Green with my Nan, Kitty Jones of 11 North Green. In the front from L-R Etty Rowlands 4 North Green, Megan Bray 1 North Green (who then moved to 7 South Green) and Ivy Jones 16 South Green.